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Cameron Cross Shiny String Bikini



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                                          So HOT!

We need a pool, a beach, cold bubbles and room service! We need to  tease each other with ice cubes... where is room service with the ice and champers?!  OK! that's better! Now, what are we up to next? Float plane  to Cayman? Pool side Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, (milder climate, chiller people).    

have always had a thing for the 1980’s & 90’s! The Fashion!  The Glamour!

The disco-meets-new wave vibe

… soo intoxicating, SO  wish

I could have been there!  And

I  love,  Love,  LOVE, flipping 

through the pages of an actual,

physical magazine, absolutely fantastic!

This site is dedicated to those brilliant 

gentlemen’s magazines now bygone.  The colors!   The  logos!   The layouts!  The hotness!

So, I was inspired to introduce myself to you                                                   through my own version                                                   of a gent's magazine and                                                     transport you to a time

                                                  when gentlemen's

                                              magazines were defining style & helping people feel a little more free.

There's something about Cameron...  

I am effervescent. I maybe coquettish - a rumor at best.  I adore seduction (it's a two way street you should know).  I’m a very passionate woman.  And a very compassionate one too.  I have a HUGE heart (I wish I could rescue every stray animal that crosses my path).  I'm intellectually curious.  I have a devious sense of humor.  I deeply appreciate subtlety.  BUT some extravagance now and again is nourishing for the soul.  Indulgence is good for the soul too!  So is pampering!  Oh, and Travel!  I'm an inveterate traveler.  I'm also a great travel companion, I think the word is 'unflappable'- that's me on an adventure; unflappable!  ​

Because we plan for the future should not deny us living in the moment.  Life is a fleeting, glimmering gift.  And that precious gift should be shared.  We should collect some lovely moments as if pearls.  And we should collect as many as possible, so that we have long lustrous strings of them that we may look upon them someday and think fondly of a life well and thoroughly lived.​

So, what say we go skin diving for some pearls?

​More about me? Here are some hints...

*written without a.i. assist

Cameron Cross in Black Bra and Black Panties Taking Pictures  with a Camera in Black and White Picture
Cameron Cross  in Purple Body suit sinch with Black Stockings And  Garter Belt Firm Round Buttom Delicate Long Hands

Say "Hello"




Tall hot Blond in bikinis



Cameron Cross in Shiny Black Yoga Leggings and White Sport Bra

Think PINK!

Think PINK!

Cameron Cross in pink lingerie in pink stockings and pink bra with pink panties Garter belt

G Bunny

G Bunny

Cameron Cross in Black Corset and Fencenets Black Gloves

Mirror Mirror...

Mirror Mirror...

Cameron Cross tall long blonde hair in blue bra and blue panties with garter belt and beige stockings

THAT one (?) night in the Marais...

THAT one (?) night in the Marais...

Midnight Revery

Midnight Revery

Room Service

Room Service

Purple Haze

Purple Haze

Let's Play Boy!

Let's Play Boy!

Cameron Cross in black lace bra and black lace panties black high heels tall long blonde hair

Lovely Claret

Lovely Claret

Cameron Cross in Red Bra and Red Panties with Garter Belt and Black Stockings Long Sexy Coat

Golden Girl

Golden Girl

Bound to Impress

Bound to Impress

Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss

Curtain Call!

Curtain Call!

NOTE:  Like many gracious women, I obscure  my face for our protection so that we may travel and dine  in anonymity. I knew you would you understand because you are a gentleman.  Due to unscrupulous bad actors I'm forced to watermark my photos, and again I know you understand  because you are a doll.


Can't make it to Vegas baby?

Lucky for us...I LOVE to FLY!



(please email appointment requests       ) 


I make a fantastic first impression.

1hr  |   $800

It's About Time
and TOO much is never enough.

1hr 30min  |   $1000

Open that bottle and let's take it sexy.

2hr  |   $1300

It's a Date
Let's go someplace fabulous and showoff.

4hr  |   $2000

Dinner & Show
I mean on the stage! Whatever were you thinking?!.

6hr  |   $2400

Hold my Bubbles...
I'm gettin in...the POOL PARTY!

3hr  |   $1700

Bottomless ME-mosas!(Brunch)
whipped cream on the peaches please.

3hr  |   $1700

you're both so adorable I want to gobble you both up!

minimum 1hr 30min  |   $1800

Slumber Party

The night shouldn't end with dessert.

12hr  |   $4000

All Yours
What ever will you do with me? Oh my!

24+hr  |   Let's Plan

Let's Go Places

Travel - my ultimate aphrodisiac!

48+hr  |   Let's Plan

choose your own adventure

(I'm sure something here will give rise to some wanderlust)




CC Talks Champage (One of My FAVORITE things!)

Fun Facts about Champagne according to me...

(formerly fun...thanx Cleon and Zuck, go to Mars, already)




a lovers' guide to trysts, thrills, dinners, perfect gifts...the foreplay before the foreplay

What I like about you (just try to get the Romantics out of your head now - ha!) Firstly, I adore how much you respect me. Secondly, how you carry yourself, such the gentleman. You make me smile with your clever wit. You seem to always pique my curiosity with your intelligence.  I find it very charming how you are so confident in the world yet not afraid to be shy around me! And I'm simply mad about how spontaneous you are! 

Remember that time we just hopped on a plane and went to, oops, I better not say, discretion and such, I'm sure you appreciate that. And you are always so well dressed, even when you dress casually for dinner, or when we see a show or a game, even when we are just lounging.  Also I love that you always smell like you just stepped out of the shower at a spa. Oh, and your sweet smile, and sweet breath. A few clues  as to why I always look forward to seeing you again.

Considerate + Thoughtful = OH! AH!



1. Consideratoin exchanged is for time and companionship only. Anything else that may or may not occur is a matter of personal choice between two or more consenting adults of legal age and is not contracted for, nor requested to be contracted for, or compensated for in any manner.

2. You must be verified or I am unable to see you, no exceptions.  I am friendly to new friends however - please inquire.

3. Consideration shall be in an unsealed envelope in the bathroom in plain view at the beginning of our date. If we are meeting in public please place the donation in a gift bag or card. Please never discuss 'consideration'.

4. Cancellation policy: I understand life happens and sometimes circumstances are unforeseen. However it takes a lot of effort and time to make sure I am absolutely perfect for you. Same day cancellation full amount due. 48hrs notice of cancellation a %50 of donation of the agreed upon $xxxx.... 

5.  Hygiene is of the utmost importance (for both of us)!




Here is why I so enjoy our time together: First, you are always on-time, such a rarity these days that it makes a big impression on me, and sets the tone for a lovely & relaxed date.  Secondly, you put your phone away - that tells me you are ALL mine.  You always meet me someplace elegant and upscale - you are such the gentleman!  I so enjoy sharing a drink with you because our conversations are always interesting.  Also it is very endearing that you take the time to get to know me (and that definitely pays dividends). And you are always so considerate to keep the room so nice and warm for me. And that you always remember I like room temp water and COLD Champagne.  A warm room, a freshly showered gentleman... makes me want to show-off for you.

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